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Spiritual Fast-Track Workshop

Date: Saturday, November 8th

Time: 10am-4pm

Location:  New Frontier Health, 406 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON

Spiritual Fast-Track is a full-day workshop with the intention of propelling you forward on your spiritual journey.  This intensive teaching focuses on using your daily practice to build a solid foundation for you to move forward, whatever direction you choose to go in.

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Workshops I offer

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Intuitive Decision Making: Build Your Business Instincts

Businessman Working At Desk With Meeting In Background

Develop your intuition and hone in on your business instincts. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use simple tools and techniques to help you confidently make decisions for your business. You’ll walk away with a greater awareness of the signs that your body gives you to guide you through your day. We’ll even complete an exercise to help you through a decision you are making right now.

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3 Simple Steps to Honouring You

When we create the time and space for a disciplined spiritual practice, we quickly discover how much smoother our lives become. In this workshop you will learn three simple steps to take your life from good to great, with a focus on disciplined thoughts, disciplined actions, and honouring yourself.

Visit my Media page to listen to an interview, “The Importance of Honouring You”.

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Speak Your Truth


Sometimes in life we’re faced with situations and opportunities to speak our truth. Oftentimes when those moments arise, we’re trembling, unsure and questioning whether our voices matter. We might ask ourselves, “Does anyone care?” and “Will anyone listen?”. Speaking our truth is an important part of our spiritual journey.  In this session, Jennifer will help you find your voice by giving examples of people who have spoken their truth, and providing ways to effectively communicate messages that are important for you to share.

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Getting Started with Meditation & Creative Visualization

Meditation and creative visualization are transformational experiences that, when invested in daily, can bring your life experience to new heights. I will share real life stories of how people have experienced huge shifts in their personal and business lives simply by taking on a disciplined meditation practice. I will also guide you through a powerful mediation and provide you with an overview of different ways to get started with your own meditation practice and create a routine that you will actually WANT to follow through with every day.

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Spiritual Fast-Track Workshop


Take a deep-dive into exploring your inner and outer self, to put you on the fast-track of your spiritual journey. This workshop is for people who are wholeheartedly committed to consciously creating and enhancing their lives. It consists of becoming aware of who you are currently being, in order to deepen your soul’s connection with the universe and all others. It also examines how your actions and thoughts impact the life experiences you have. The workshop includes teachings, mediations, attunements and movement.

This workshop is available in various lengths:

  • 1 hour workshop;
  • full day Intensive; or
  • 4 weeks (2-hour sessions, once a week)


Awakening to Your Gifts


This workshop helps you tune in to your own unique energy flow and work with energy. I provide a safe learning environment for participants to play with energy, learn how to amplify energy fields, and discover how to do energy work for yourself and others. This is the basis for learning how your personal energy flows, without limitations of how it “should” be done.

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Develop Your Intuition Through Dowsing & Oracle Cards


We’re all intuitive. It’s simply a skill we can learn and practice. With the help of a pendulum and oracle cards, you will learn how to become aware of how your intuition, your soul and the universe communicate with you. In this interactive two-hour workshop, you will be given an overview of how to dowse, specifically using a pendulum, and how to work with oracle cards for daily guidance. The intention of this workshop is for you to discover how these tools can help you interpret messages and signals from your body, heart and mind.

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