Spreading the magic

I welcome opportunities to spread the word on how easy, fun and magical it is to connect with your soul.

I am available to contribute to websites, blogs, articles, magazines, tele-summits, conferences, newspapers, TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, and online radio shows. I am pleased to share ideas, educate and teach concepts and possibilities related to the soul, one’s soul connection, and how the magic begins with this connection through disciplined practice. Topics can include:

  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Honing Your Business Instincts
  • How to Create a Spiritual Practice
  • Soul Searching

You can make your media request through the Contact page.

Here are some sites where I've shared my experiences & insights

Health Matters interview with Lana Marconi: “Spiritual Prescription”

Fall 2014

Ultimate Life Magazine

Article: “5 ways to get Happy in 2 minutes or less”

February 2014


BlogTalk Radio: The Seven Graces Hour with Lynn Serafinn

Interview: “Deepening Your Soul Connection”

October 2012

The Haze FM Internet Radio: Health & Well Being Channel

Angela Borgeest interviews Jennifer Lyall

September 2012


Spiritual Awakening Magazine

Article: “Do You Feed Your Ego or Your Soul?”

April/June 2012


BlogTalk Radio: Healthy Chatter

Interview: “The Importance of Honouring You”

September 2012

Spiritual Awakening Magazine

Poem: “Knowing Who I Am”

July/August 2012



Ask Your Angels Talk Show


June 20, 2012

The Happy Starfish website

Poem, “A Hug is Worth a Thousand Words”

August 2012